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兰 梅 绽 蕾 天 地 香

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  Fragrance of the World from Orchids and Wintersweets’ Buds

  ——To Those Who Contribute Silently to People’s Health


  My mother, just like azaleas all over the mountains and plains, always arouses people’s feelings of a warm and passionate life. She is even more like a quiet and fragrant orchid in a deep valley bathed in the brilliant sunshine of our homeland. She seems like a pigeon whose mouth often carries an olive branch of gratitude, rewarding her family, friends and the society.


  For twenty-four years as one day, she has weeded in her archival work. Due to exhaustion of overwork, she suffered from insomnia, impaired vision, troubled with a back back for years, etc. So she often encourages herself by singing Ling Kai’s Being Alone and Liang Dongjiang’s How Many People Did You Cry For. She always tells herself that she needs to be strong and smiling. Because people are the orphans of this beautiful world, we could be the ones who have abilities to love and understand ourselves; above all, we have to stick to the profession that we like. Her experience of trials and hardships proves that she has finally owned a blue sky of her own, just like seeing the roses’ misty beauty finally after waiting for the fading-away of fog.


  For the sake of bad health, my mother began to step into the field of health care classes eleven years ago. She often brings some traditional health books and the theory of astronauts’ nutritional meals back home. So at my home we can see the series of products about health caring of pine/ bamboo/winstersweet, cleaning, skin caring.For four years, I have witnessed my mother’s silent care and love for my grandfather and grandmother. She spares no efforts to learn all the health care knowledge from the classes for both of them. Seeing my grandmother suffers from seasonal coughs and my grandfather has to pee for eight or nine times one night due to the prostatitis, she feels so anxious and is determined to make their bodies healthier. The problem is although she has leant some toning solutions theoretically, she still can’t afford all the health care products they need with her low salary. What she can only do is to offer them a quantity of health care on and off hoping their health is getting better. When she knows they are ill,who have been sacrificing their lives,he believes that taking good care of my grandparents is her mission and responsibility with a charitable heart of filial piety.My mother has also realized that she can be more confident to persuade others to help those who need health care if she succeeds in maintaining her family’s health. When they are drinking, she asks them to eat some Songhua companion pieces to relieve of the symptoms of fatty liver and alcoholic liver. If they have a cold, she asks them to eat some medicinal and edible tablets of nutrient and health care products, like Pine pollen tablets, Songhua companion pieces and Bamboo Leaf Essence. After curing their illnesses, she explains to them health care products are used to maintain our health. She corrects their wrong ideas of health care products by demonstrating the products and shows them the harms that inferior products brought to their health. For eleven years, the only one thing that my mother has been insisting on is sharing all the health care knowledge with her families and friends by following up the health classes together with health care theories from the Professor Zhaolin, a central health doctor.


  One day while reading Quanzhou Evening News my mother sighed that there were two important persons in her life, both of whose names had a “Mei”(Chinese means wintersweet), one was Xiaomei sister, Xie xiaomei, the other was Amei sister, Guo Liying. The wintersweets like burning flames blossom on the sturdy and aged branches covered with white snow and you can even hear the voice of snowmelt. The petals, pink or white, heavy or light fragrance, have formed a strong contrast. They also show us a strong life that cannot be moved even in a severe winter and a power that warms our heart. Ancient and modern poets or painters always praise wintersweets for their elegant and lofty manners. People favor wintersweets for their image of being pure and noble. In a severe cold, wintersweets are the first ones to blossom among all the flowers, so they are a symbol of conveying the coming of spring and good news. My mother says two sisters have conveyed company’s mission of All for One, One for All by their daily activities. Aunt Guo Liying once helped one boy called Wang Xiaocheng reported by Southeast Morning Post, who suffered from a strange illness since the day of birth, with his skin was rotting. Aunt Guo followed up and never stopped to send him medicines. As a result, the boy finally became health. Yes, these two aunts with “Mei” in their names convey the good news of spring to those needing help. Don’t they have the outer beauty of being elegant and lofty as well as the inner beauty of being pure and noble like wintersweets?



  All of this reminds me of a poem written by Xi Jinping, just before the National Double Supporting Conference held in Fuzhou in 1991. The poem is as follows:

  Love between the Military Army and People

  — Seven-Character Lyu

  Detaining the cloud to wash the sky clear

  Every mountain and water in Fujian gets newer

  The pistils of little flowers have appeared

  The old banyan tree is showing her jasper heart

  You drive the south wind so the winter gets warmer

  I come to the Donghai Sea with the love as deep as you have

  Seldom has the whole city celebrated it together

  Always love my army and my people

  The poem shows the people’s army and people love each other and are so close as fish and water. We can also see this kind of love from the love between my mother and two aunts with Mei. They love their family, friends and those who need help just like the faint fragrance of wintersweets and the jasper heart of the old banyan tree the whole world needs.


  China Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Corporation is cooperatively established by China's New Era Health Industry Company and China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation, both of which are the subsidiary companies of China's New Era Holding Group. Medical care is one of the five business segments of the Holding Group. They are military product trade, strategic investment, real estate, electronic information and medical care. My mother always tells us that the premier of the State Council, Zhu Rongji, once wrote an instruction that the pollen pini had a prospect, so a large and medium enterprise, together with a research institution can cooperatively produce it. When Xi Jinping was the Vice-chairman, he paid much attention to the environmental protection cause and was present in the signing ceremony between China Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Corporation and foreign companies. Now he is the chairman, he continues caring about the development of the environmental protection cause.


  As a large state-owned enterprise, directly under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission,China's New Era Holding Group was once concerned about by some central leaders and all the presidents of the Holding Group were Deputy prime minister level leadership assigned by SASAC, such as Zou Jiahua, former Vice Premier of the people's Republic of China, and Wu Shaozu, former director of the General Administration of sports, successively served as the first and second chairmen of the holding group.Yu Hailong, former director of the state investment office, is now the president of the holding group. Fu Wancheng, former director of the office of Jilin Provincial Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, once served as the party secretary of the holding group.It can be seen that the state attaches importance to medical care, energy conservation and environmental protection, and strengthens and enriches the leadership of the group company!


  Throughout the history of China's New Era Holding Group since 1980, some central leadership focuses on developing national industry for the benefit of human health. For long-term prosperity of the Chinese nation, they are worried about the water drinking, air pollution, health problems of 1.3 billion people. As the unique and key product of health products from the Holding Group, Guozhen Pine Pollen has attained 29 great honors and took off the crown of the Most Outstanding Contribution to Humanity for its unique curative effect in 1998, which is the world's highest special honor.


  As a member of China's New Era Health Industry Company and an amateur of health care cause, she believes it’s her value of life to solve some confusing health problems for others. For the first 19 years, my mother stuck to the file work post 7 hours a day, and for the next 5 years, she stuck to the traffic work 8 hours a day.But in the spare time during the nights and weekends, she makes a dream of health care cause for the family and livelihood,besides, she helps others to make a dream about health care.Finally all of this makes everyone happy. It is not easy to attentively complete every obscure little thing and overcome various hardships. After several twists and turns, my mother has been the peak of engaging in the health care cause as an amateur.


  My mother now needs me, Su Jiahua, who is already sensible and can understand her. I'm glad I've had maternal love for 18 years.Mother said: She is very lonely and is like an orphan in walking on the road of health preservation.11 years of family opposition,11 years of being frustrated by others ,11 years of humiliation , enough to destroy the deep valley orchid. However, my mother said optimistically and humorously that it was cold water. If it was hot water, I'm afraid the orchid would have withered and withered long ago, just like the song of burying flowers composed by Lin Daiyu.Just because of me, my mother lives strong; Just because of her love, my mother firmly abides by her health care career. As my mother's daughter, I want to represent the world and give this world's orphan a hug. I want to give my mother strength, because I am my mother's only girl. As long as my mother needs me, call me at any time.


  I love my mother as she sends out her faint scent in this remote town, Dehua just like the orchid in deep valley. She loves her archival work as the full-time job but prefers her health care cause as the part-time job. She holds up a blue sky for her family, friends and those who need health assistance. She will constantly concentrate on the archival work in the government department and pursue and create the health care classes.

  ( 作者:中文蒋苹苹 英文翻译王菲菲)


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